Sunday, August 23, 2015

I made the first move!

“So do you dance?” I asked.

Yes! I asked a man to dance. And in front of his boys! Call me crazy, bold, aggressive, or just plain stupid, but I went for it!

It was my classmate's wedding and he was a groomsmen in the bridal party. I peeped him at the hotel while they were preparing to leave for the church. I was waiting on an Uber car and he was getting into the limo. He was lively and loquacious. Speaking to everyone that passed his way, flashing a perfect smile! He was laughing and joking and you could tell he was simply happy to celebrate this day with his boy. His dreads were freshly twisted and lined up just right, pulled back in a french braid and perfectly accented his slim well structured face. Yep! I peeped him ALL the way out!

After the ceremony we connected in the lobby as I chimed in on him jokingly quoting scriptures and making church behavior jokes. He knew a little something about church and scripture.

At the reception I continued to keep my eye on him.  I didn’t see him linger with any one particular woman the entire night and many times he could be found sitting by himself scrolling through his phone. I made an inquiry to my big sister who happened to be in the bridal party as well.  She was getting the inside scoop for me.  And when I say she worked it! She worked it!

She called me over to the foyer area and gave me the 411.  He was 32, single and definitely interested in meeting someone. She shared with him that someone was interested in him but didn't mention my name. High school right? But it worked! It was now up to me to make my interest known. I officially stepped into the shoes of a man! I was taking a chance and opening myself up for rejection.  Brothers, I now officially know how you feel! I checked in with a few of my classmates to see if asking him to dance was too forward and I got a rousing answer of “no.” I waited for the DJ to play a song that could easily be danced to and lo and behold Frankie Beverly and Maze “Before I let Go” filled the sound waves. A black wedding’s anthem! I got my nerve and walked over.

Needless to say he gladly obliged and we two-stepped to Frankie, or more like he two-stepped while I shuffled and scuffled on the floor trying to keep up as he twirled me around like we were contestants on Dancing with the Stars! It was impressive. As we attempted to talk and dance, yelling in each others ears, he invited me to sit at his table so that we could have a real conversation.

We talked, or more like I listened as he talked and shared about his job, school and current travel excursions. Through his lisp, that I thought was actually kind of cute, he oozed with intelligence and prestige. It was a bit subtle, but the brother was kind of feeling himself, but why wouldnt he? He was college educated, owned a home, held a great job that allowed him to travel and his well manicured hands and perfect teeth let me know he took pride in his appearance! Oh yea, did I mention no kids! In my head I was officially winning! I was yelling Jackpot, UNO, Bingo, and Go Fish all at the same time!!

As we were interrupted periodically due to reception activities, my friend, the bride, walks up beside me and says, “Get him girl, he’s rich!” I laughed to myself. My girls were looking out for me! And I must say it peeked my interest just a little bit more, just a little bit!

We talked and flirted throughout the rest of the night. He stayed close to me and always found me to reconvene our conversations whenever interrupted.  We took photos together in the photo booth and he finally asked to exchange numbers.  I’d done my work. I displayed my interest and even initiated the interaction. The ball was in his court.  I gave that brother a Kobe Bryant assist that couldn't be missed.  All he had to do was slam dunk it like Shaquille O’Neal!

The reception was over and the night was still young. I low-key looked forward to possibly hanging with him the rest of the evening to continue getting to know one another, but the brother was making no set plans. Granted he was sweaty and I’m sure exhausted from the days activities. He had a house in New Orleans and mentioned heading home to change and shower, but again, no real plans. He made mention of possibly taking me on a tour of the city, but still no set plans.  So I decided to make other moves with my classmates and big sister.  

He texted me throughout the night while I was out and I ended up running into him in the lobby as I waited for a cab to meet my classmates. We sat on the couch and talked some more, but still no set plans. He walked me to the cab and away I went. I thought about cancelling my cab and staying with him, but i just needed the brother to say something explicit! I even gave the appropriate pauses to give him time to come up with something! I could tell he wanted to hang out but just couldn't seem to quite say it in a non- “I’m pressed to hang with her, I am feeling her, but don't want her to think I am too into her” kind of way.

The next morning, as only a woman can do, I replayed the entire night in my head and re-read his text messages a few times. Did I miss something? Did I possibly miss an opportunity or a subtle hint that he was throwing. Being that I’m such a straightforward person, I tend to miss Morse code and subtle guy cues they think they are giving. Without him clearly stating, “let’s get together tonight”, I couldn’t sit around waiting on him to figure it out.

Of course you begin to over analyze to the dark side. “Well, maybe he wasn't that interested.” “Was I too forward?” “Did I turn him off?” I immediately stopped myself! What’s done is done! The wedding was amazing and hanging with him the time we did get to spend was cool! We’ll always have the photo booth! I enjoyed myself with my classmates whom I don't get to see that often and I chalked it up to “what's meant to be will be!”

Once again I met another great guy while out of town.  More exposure to good guys who have great things going for them, despite their planet Venus ways of communicating and thinking! I’m just going to say, the Lord is definitely up to something! He continues to give me fresh perspective on my dating life which keeps me from traveling down that lonely, “woe is me”, road of disappointment and despair. I will simply add him to the friend and prayer list compilation I’ve started and keep in contact for possible connections in the future!